Our Venue

The clubhouse is an elegant and magical setting, the perfect backdrop for any celebration or event. Featuring two ballrooms, a balcony, stage, patio, living room, and three side rooms, there are countless ways to plan and celebrate your special event!

"What a superb venue for our wedding. Our guests were as thrilled as we were, and Elizabeth and her associates were wonderful to work with! Thank you so much GRWC!"

Pat K.

Located on the first floor, the Williamsburg Ballroom reflects classic elegance with original wood flooring and Georgian Colonial architectural details. This breathtaking space features a full stage, a cathedral ceiling with vintage brass chandeliers, and stunning natural light. It’s perfect for wedding receptions, larger celebrations, and events accommodating up to 250 guests.

Williamsburg Ballroom

“Thank you so much for allowing us to spend the most important day of our lives in your venue and doing everything you could to ensure it was the best day of our lives, because it was. Thank you!”

Joel R.

Georgian Ballroom

This second floor ballroom, with the original fireplace and mantle, vintage brass chandeliers and hand-painted sconce panels, is perfect for a ceremony or cocktail hour and events accommodating up to 150 people.  The Georgian Ballroom includes a spacious balcony that overlooks the Williamsburg Ballroom.  The balcony is suitable for extra seating, buffet stations, a bar, or a backdrop for photos.

Mary Raymond Room

This grand living room is included with your first floor rental. The Mary Raymond Room can be used for receiving guests, cocktail receptions and is a gracious entrance to the private patio.

Parlor Suite

This quiet room is included with your first floor rental. It provides a private area to relax before and during your event.

Chapman Room

This handsome room adjoins the Georgian Ballroom and is included with your second floor rental.


Ellie Parker Room

This tastefully decorated room adjoins the Georgian Ballroom and is included with your second floor rental.

The Patio

Let the sunlight or moonlight envelope your affair on the private slate patio just outside the Mary Raymond Room

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The Women's Club of Glen Ridge 

219 Ridgewood Avenue

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

973 748-5459


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Georgian Room