The autumn season is here. The days are shorter and the leaves are beginning to change. Change and growth are aspects of life that can bring such beauty. This is the ideal time for reflection -- tap into the healing powers of gratitude; let go of the rumination and self-judgment that contributes to so much of our stress.


Much of our stress can be magnified by the lens of perfection, or perceived perfection. I like this quote by Ethan Nichtern:


“Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes us skillful enough to see human perfection as the harmful myth it truly is.”


What is unique and special about you? What gifts do you bring to the world? Don’t overlook your goodness. Can you let go of the notion of perfection and remember your wholeness?


To help in your journey to be your very best, the Religions, Spirituality, and Wellness Department is sponsoring a number of activities (see below) for club members. Why not try something new this year?  


Jodi Brooks

Chair, Religions, Spirituality, and Wellness

Join Religions, Spirituality & Wellness in a Sunday evening walking group in Brookdale Park, appropriate for all fitness levels.  The group will meet at 7:00pm in a TBD location September 8,15,22,29 & October 6,13,20, 27.   Kim Ticehurst will lead the hour-long walk.  Click here for more info or to register.

Join us for six Wednesday meditation classes from 7:30-8:30pm from September 25 to November 6 (as there is no class October 9).  Click here for more info or to register.

The Religions, Spirituality, & Wellness Department focuses on events and activities that center on topics related to religions of the world, spirituality, and health and wellness.  For more information on this department, please contact department chair Jodi Brooks through the club office.

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