Departments & Committees

Departments & Committees are the life-blood of the Women's Club of Glen Ridge

The Women’s Club is the scene of social gatherings, educational programs, cultural activities and lectures. The departments listed below sponsor monthly afternoon and evening.  Current programs include topical discussions, visits by local writers, artists and musicians, culinary events, yoga, and day trips to  area museums, botanical gardens, historic sites and neighborhoods.  


Art – Responsible for hosting an annual art-related program.

Community Service – responsible for hosting an annual program focused on community service.  This department also supports organizations, as approved by the Board of Trustees, within the community.

Drama – Responsible for hosting an annual drama-related program.

Family – Responsible for family-friend and child-friendly events and activities.

Home & Garden – Responsible for hosting an annual home & garden program.

International Affairs – Responsible for hosting an annual international affairs related program.

Literature – Responsible for hosting an annual literature-related program.

Music – Responsible for hosting an annual music-related program.

Religions, Spirituality & Wellness – Responsible for events and activities that center on topics related to religions of the world, spirituality and health & wellness. 


Finance – Responsible for the Club's financial matters including preparing the budget for the next fiscal year and for long-range finance planning. 

Grounds – Responsible for the maintenance of the Club grounds.

Hospitality – Responsible for maintaining the Club’s linens, tableware, and kitchen supplies (including house beverages and non-perishables) and for organizing and hosting the end-of-year meeting in May.

House – Responsible for maintaining the clubhouse and its furnishings, and supervising the club custodian.

Membership – Responsible for member recruitment, prospective member activities, and the compilation and distribution of Welcome bags to new Glen Ridge residents.

Nominating – In accordance with the club’s by-laws, this committee secures candidates to fill Board of Trustee positions.

Public Relations – Responsible for promoting Club event and activities through a variety of mediums and for maintaining a favorable image of the Club before the community.

Rental – Responsible for overseeing rental of the clubhouse and setting related policies and fees.

Signpost – Responsible for compiling and organizing articles submitted for inclusion in this quarterly newsletter.

Social - Responsible for planning two annual non-fundraising casual social activities and events for Club members and their significant others.

Ways & Means - Responsible for events and activities that raise significantly funds to support the Club.

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