About the WCGR

The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge is an inclusive community of diverse women. The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives of its members and leaders, and welcomes a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge fosters and supports a community of respect, fairness, and kindness. 



The Women's Club of Glen Ridge is an organized center for thought and action for the women of the community in which ideals of education, culture, and civic and social service may be encouraged and developed. 

Serving the Community Since 1905

Founded in 1905 the Women’s Club has been successfully fulfilling its mission since its inception and remains a vibrant and vital organization today.  The Club hosts social gatherings, educational programs and cultural events. Departments sponsor monthly meetings that feature speakers across a broad range of topics; the Club publishes a quarterly newsletter, Signpost.  Other activities include informal cocktail parties, luncheons, yoga, book discussions and day trips to the surrounding area.  While enriching minds and creating friendships, Club events and activities raise funds that serve to maintain our historic clubhouse. 

The Clubhouse

In the early years, Club members met in various locations including private homes, schools and churches. Membership grew rapidly because of interest in the civic projects the Club was pursuing. 

 In 1925 the impossible dream of a clubhouse became a reality.  A beautiful brick Georgian Colonial Revival building was completed at the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Snowden Place. Mr. Henry S. Chapman, who lived at the Sunnycrest Estate at 204 Ridgewood Avenue (where the high school now stands) was the sole benefactor of the clubhouse. The building was erected as a memorial to his beloved wife.

A plaque remains on the building today recognizing it as the Emily M. Chapman Memorial.  The clubhouse is a generous gift treasured and cared for by the members.