144 Scotland StreetSmith, Alexander McCall
24th of JulyPatterson, James
3A Bend in the RoadSparks, Nicholas
4A Dangerous ManCamp, Candace
5A Redbird ChristmasFlagg, Fannie
6A Season for ScandalLaurens, Stephanie
8A Thousand Splendid Suns (2 copies)Hosseini, Khaled
9A Walk to RememberSaprks, Nicholas
10Abide with MeStrout, Elizabeth
11Alchemist, TheCoelho, Paulo
12Alexander Link, TheBerry, Steve
13All He Ever WantedShreve, Anita
14Almost A CrimeVincenzi, Penny
15Always Time to DieLowell, Elizabeth
16Amateur Marriage, TheTyler, Anne
17Ambler Warning, TheLudlum, Robert
18Ambling Into History:  The Unlikely Odyssey of George W. Bush  Bruni, Frank
19An Unfinished Season (2 copies)Just, Ward
20Arlington ParkCusk, Rachel
21Art of Racing in the Rain, TheStein, Garth
22AtonementMcEwan, Ian
23AwayBloom, Amy
24Be Still My Vampire HeartSparks, Kerrelyn
25Beach House, ThePatterson, James & Peter DeJonge
26Before I Say GoodbyeClark, Mary Higgins
27Beginner's LuckPederson, Laura
28Benjamin FranklinMorgan, Edmund S.
29Big Bad Wolf, The Patterson, James
30Black FlowersWatkins, E. F.
31BleachersGrisham, John
32Blessing, TheOrr, Gregory
33BlessingsQuindlen, Anna
34Blue ShoesLamott, Anne
35Book of the DeadCornwell, Patricia
36Bookwoman's Last Fling, TheDunning, John
37Born to Be WildCoulter, Catherine
38Break No BonesReichs, Kathy
39Brick LaneAli, Monica
40Bridge of SighsRusso, Richard
41Bulgari Connection, TheWeldon, Fay
42BurnedClark, Carol Higgins
43Can't Wait To Get To HeavenFlagg, Fannie
44Careful Use of Compliments, TheSmith, Alexander McCall
45Case HistoriesAtkinson, Kate
46Castle in the Forest, TheMailer, Norman
47Cat 'O' Nine TailsArcher, Jeffrey
48Challenger ParkHarrigan, Stephen
49City of Falling Angels, TheBerendt, John
50Collectors, TheBaldacci, David
51Comfort FoodJacobs, Kate
52Confessions of Max Tivoli, TheGreer, Andrew Sean
53CrossPatterson, James
54Daddy's Little GirlClark, Mary Higgins
55Dance With the DragonWatkins, Eileen
56Dancing to AlmendraMontero, Maya
57Darwin Conspiracy, TheDarnton, John
58Daughter of FortuneAllende, Isabelle
59DaVinci Code, TheBrown, Dan
60Dead WatchSandford, John
61DerailedSiegel, James
62Devil and Miss Prym, TheCoelho, Paulo
63Devil Wears Prada, TheWeisberger, Lauren
64Digging to AmericaTyler, Anne
65Dispatches From the EdgeCooper, Anderson
66Distance Between Us, TheHamilton, Masha
67DivisaderoOndaatje, Michael
68Double Homicide (2 copies)Kellerman, Jonathon & Faye
69Dr. DeathKellerman, Jonathon
70Dreams From My FatherObama, Barak
71Drowning Tree, TheGoodman, Carol
72Eat, Pray, Love (2 copies)Glibert, Elizabeth
73Echo ParkConnelly, Michael
74Ella Minnow PeaDunn, Mark
75Emperor of Ocean Park, TheCarter, Stephen L.
76Emperor's Children, TheMessud, Claire
77EmpireCard, Orson Scott
78Everything Is IlluminatedFoer, Jonathon Safran
79Explanations for Everyday EnigmasFrank, Robert H.
80Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseFoer, Jonathon Safran
81Eye ContactMcGovern, Cammie
82FallenMaine, David
83Far Side of Eden,
     The: New Money, Old Land, and the Battle for Napa ValleyConaway, James
84Finishing School, TheSpark, Muriel
85Fire SaleParetsky, Sara
86Flight LessonsGaffney, Patricia
87For One More DayAlbom, Mitch
88Forger, TheWatkins, Paul
89Friday Night Knitting Club, TheJacobs, Kate
90Friend of Women and Other StoriesAuchincloss, Louis
91Front, TheCornwell, Patricia
92Full Cupboard of Life, TheSmith, Alexander McCall
93Gilead (2 copies)Robinson, Marilynne
94Gorgeous LiesMcPhee, Martha
95Greatest Fight of Our Generation, The:  Louis vs. SchmerlingErenberg, Lewis
96Haunted GroundHart, Erin
97HeartsickCain, Chelsea
98History of Love, TheKrauss, Nicole
99Honeymoon With My BrotherWisner, Franz
100House of MeetingsAmis, Martin
101Hunter KillerRobinson, Patrick
102I Am America (And So Can You)Colbert, Stephen
103I Wish I Had a Red DressCleage, Pearl
104Ice TrapSewell, Kitty
105If You Could See Me NowAhern, Cecelia
106I'll Be Watching YouKane, Andrea
107Imagine What Might Have BeenCrowley, Robert, ed.
108Indigo DyingAlbert, Susan Wittig
109Inheritance of Loss, TheDesai, Kiran
110Innocent Man, TheGrisham, John
111IntuitionGoodman, Allegra
112Invisible PreySandford, John
113Island, TheHislop, Victoria
114Isle of DogsCornwell, Patricia
115JamestownSharpe, Matthew
116Jane Austen Book Club, TheFowler, Karen Joy
117Judgement of Paris: 
       The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World ImpressionismKing, Ross
118Kalahari Typing School for Men, TheSmith, Alexander McCall
119Keepers of the Truth, TheCollins, Michael
120Kitchen PrivilegesClark, Mary Higgins
121Kite Runner, The (2 copies)Hosseini, Khaled
122Knight's TreasureScott, Amanda
123Last Juror, The (2 copies)Grisham, John
124Last Templar, TheKhoury, Raymond
125Last Time They Met, TheShreve, Anita
126Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, TheBryson, Bill
127Life ExpectancyKoontz, Dean
128Life SentencesBlanchard, Alice
129Lincoln Lawyer, TheConnelly, Michael
130Line of Beauty, TheHollinghuist, Alan
131Little ChildrenPerrotta, Tom
132Little Friend, TheTartt, Donna
133Lossing My EspanishCarrillo, H. G.
134Lost In A Good BookFforde, Jasper
135Lost Painting, TheHarr, Jonathon
136Love Over ScotlandSmith, Alexander McCall
137Love Walked Inde los Santos, Marisa
138Man Gone DownThomas, Michael
139Man I Should Have Married, TheSatran, Pamela Redmond
140March (2 copies)Brooks, Geraldine
141Marked ManLashner, William
142Marriage of the Sea, TheAlison, Jane
143Mary, MaryPatterson, James
144Memory Keeper's Daughter, TheEdwards, Kim
145Memory Keeper's Daughter, TheEdwards, Kim
146Memory of Running, TheMcLarty, Ron
147Morality for Beautiful GirlsSmith, Alexander McCall
148Murder Room, TheJames, P. D.
149Narrows, TheConnelly, Michael
150Nature GirlHiaasen, Carl
151Never Let Me Goishiguro, Kazuo
152New American Story, TheBradley, Bill
153Night Gardener, ThePelecanos, George
154Nights of Rain and StarsBinchy, Maeve
155No AngelVincenzi, Penny
156ObedienceLavender, Will
157Odd ThomasKoontz, Dean
158On BeautySmith, Zadie
159One Thousand White WomenFergus, Jim
160Only the Cat KnowsBabson, Marian
161Opposite of Fate, TheTan, A my
162Other Boleyn Girl, The (2 copies)Gregory, Philipa
163Our Endangered Values: America's Moral CrisisCarter, Jimmy
164Outlander, TheAdamson, Gil
165Overlook, TheConnelly, Michael
166Peace Like a River (2 copies)Enger, Leif
167PendragonCoulter, Catherine
168People of the BookBrooks, Geraldine
169Piano Shop on the Left Bank, TheCarhart, Thas
170Pig Did It, TheCaldwell, Joseph
171Plague of Doves, TheErdrich, Louise
172Portuguese Irregular VerbsSmith, Alexander McCall
173Prep (2 copies)Sittenfeld, Curtis
174PreyCrichton, Michael
175Prince of ThievesHogan, Chuck
176PropertyMartin, Valerie
177Public Enemies: 
      America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 Burrough, Bryan
178Pushing Up DaisiesHarris, Rosemary
179Q & ASwarup, Vikas
180Quilter's Homecoming, TheChiaverini, Jennifer
181RecklessDrake, Shannon
182Rest of Her Life, TheMoriarty, Laura
183Revenge of the Middle-Aged WomanBuchan, Elizabeth
184Ride a Dancing HorseWatkins, Eileen
185Right Attitude to Rain, TheSmith, Alexander McCall
186Rise and Shine (2 copies)Quindlen, Anna
187River Wife, TheAgee, Jonis
188Ruins, TheSmith, Scott
189Rule of Four, TheCaldwell, Ian & Duston Thomason
190Run (2 copies)Patchett, Ann
191Runaway (2 copies)Munro, Alice
192Running ScaredLowell, Elizabeth
193Running with ScissorsBurroughs, Augusten
194S is for SilenceGrafton, Sue
195Same Sweet Girls, TheKing, Cassandra
196SaturdayMcEwan, Ian
197Saving ErasmusCleaver, Steven
198Saving Fish From DrowningTan, Amy
199Sea Biscuit: An American LegendHillenbrand, Laura
200Sea GlassShreve, Anita

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201Sea RoomGautreau, Norman G.
202Sea, TheBanville, John
203Second Time Around, TheClark, Mary Higgins
204Secret Life of Bees, TheKidd, Sue Monk
205Secret Man, The: The Story of Watergate's Deep ThroatWoodward, Bob
206Secret Supper, TheSierra, Javier
207ShipwreckBegley, Louis
208Simple GeniusBaldacci, David
209Singing BirdMcAuley, Roisin
210Skinny DipHiaasen, Carl
211Snow Flower and the Secret FanSee, Lisa
212Social CrimesHitchcock, Jane Stanton
213Something DangerousVincenzi, Penny
214Speak Softly , She Can Hear YouLewis, Pam
215Special Topics in Calamity PhysicsPessl, Marisha
216Split SecondBaldacci, David
217Spy Next Door: The Extraordinary Secret Life of Robert Philip Hanson,  
          the Most Damaging FBI Agent in U.S. HistoryShannon, Elaine & Ann Blackman
218Stone Carvers, TheUrquhart, Jane
219Story of Lucy Gault, TheTrevor, William
220Stranger Than FictionPalahniuk, Chuck
221Suite Francaise (2 copies)Nemirovsky, Irene
222Sunday Philosopher's Club, TheSmith, Alexander McCall
223Suzanne's Diary for NicholasPatterson, James
224Sweet Potato Queens' Big Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner)Browne, Jill Conner
225Sweet Potato Queens' Book of LoveBrowne, Jill Conner
226Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to MenBrowne, Jill Conner
227Teacher ManMcCourt, Frank
228Team of RivalsGoodwin, Doris Kearns
229Tears of the GiraffeSmith, Alexander McCall
230Tell Me Where It HurtsTrout, Dr. Nick
231Tell No OneCoben, Harlan
232Ten Days in the HillsSmiley, Jane
233TerroristUpdike, John
234Thrall's Tale, The (2 copies)Lindbergh, Judith
235Ticket HomePratt, James Michael
236To Find My Own Peace: Grace King in Her Journals, 1886-1910Heidari, Melissa Walker
237Trace (2 copies)Cornwell, Patricia
238Tristram Betrayal, TheLudlum, robert
239Trust FundFrey, Stephen
240TwilightMeyer, Stephanie
241Two Little Girls in BlueClark, Mary Higgins
242Tyrannosaur CanyonPreston, Douglas
243Unnatural SelectionElkins, Aaron
244Until I Find YouIrving, John
245Up CountryDeMille, Nelson
246Valhalla RisingCussler, Clive
247Villa IncognitoRobbins, Tom
248Violets Are BluePatterson, James
249Virgin's Lover, TheGregory, Philipa
250Was It Beautiful?McGhee, Alison
251Water for Elephants (3 copies)Gruen, Sara
252Well of Lost Plots, TheFforde, Jasper
253What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and LoveRadziwill, Carole
254What the Dead KnowLippman, Laura
255Whatever Makes You HappyGrunwold, Lisa
256When We Were OrphansIshiguro, Kazuo
257Whiteout (2 copies)Follett, Ken
258Whole World Over, TheGlass, Julia
259Winds of Change, TheGrimes, Martha
260Women's Letters:America from the Revolutionary War to Present 
            Grunwald, Lisa & Stephen J. Adler
261World to Come, TheHorn, Dara
262Year of WondersBrooks, Geraldine
263Yiddish Policemen's Union, TheChabon, Michael